Eid 2020: Finding the Perfect Gift

With the holy month of Ramadan coming soon, it’s time to get ready to celebrate this year’s Eid al-Fitr – and what better way is there to mark the ‘festival of the breaking of the fast’ than by giving your loved ones a meaningful gift?

In this post, we’ve put together a list of perfect gifts you could give your friends and family to help make their Eid even more special.

Gifts for Eid al-Fitr

Traditionally, gifts were only given to children. These present were often given in the form of money rather than actual gifts, however, over recent years, the practice of exchanging gifts has become much more popular.

Close friends and family give all sorts of gifts as a way to commemorate the month-long fast during the hours of daylight. This custom is practised all over the world and the popularity is on the increase, making the special holiday with friends and family a little more extraordinary.

Beautiful Jewellery

For the people you’re close to like a spouse or parent, jewellery can be a perfect token for Eid al-Fitr – from watches to necklaces, bracelets to earrings.

For younger generations, you could give something modern and stylish whereas, for someone who’s from an older generation, something more traditional may be better suited to them. Beautiful jewellery is commonly available featuring Arabic or holy symbols for an added touch.

Delicious Food Hamper

A popular gift to give for Eid is a food basket or hamper. Fill the basket with sweet treats or savoury snacks – this will surely be appreciated after Ramadan, as you can return to normal daylight eating habits. Put some thought into the hamper by adding delightful foods the recipients will love – chocolate, dates, cakes and nuts can all be added to a basket as traditional foods, but you could also include whatever you think the recipient would like.

A food hamper will also be great to put out at an Eid celebration when seeing family and friends. It will add to the selection of beautiful food available and is sure to encourage everyone to celebrate the festivities.

Special Clothing

On Eid, everyone dresses in their nicest clothes as part of the celebration, making clothing an ideal gift option. Choose something a little more distinctive than usual to make the recipient feel extra special and to really emphasise the celebratory nature of the event.

You could give clothing that the recipient can wear on the day of Eid or clothes you know they will love for general wear. Clothing is a good gift for both children and adults, and if you’re not sure what style is right, you can always give a gift card to let the recipient choose something for themselves.

Engraved Silver Gift

For an Eid gift to treasure, an engraved silver gift will create an instant memento. Silver lasts for many years with some care and attention, so a nice personal engraving is sure to be cherished.

Although there are a huge number of silver gifts available, a personalised photo frame is our recommendation – opt for a heartfelt engraving and complement with a treasured photograph.

Personalised Prayer Mat

A personalised prayer mat can be a thoughtful present to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Prayer mats are available in many styles and colours with options to add names, initials and messages. A personalised prayer mat will stand out wherever it’s used.

If they already have a nice prayer mat, you could opt for a special prayerbook or Quran instead.

Give to Charity

A huge part of Ramadan is charitable gift-giving to those less fortunate in the form of Zakat al-Fitr. Why not continue this and celebrate Eid al-Fitr by giving a present to someone in need? This can be done through making a contribution to a charity, donating food or giving a special gift. After all, being charitable not only helps other people, but it can also feel great!

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