About MMI Clothing

MMI Clothing is a fashion distributor based in London, United Kingdom. We pride our selves in quality checking and providing the best-tailored products. We are confident in providing you with the right Islamic Women Fashion.

We have a very broad range of clothing, with new products arriving around the clock.

50% of All Profits will go into building schools



What is MMI?

MMI Profits Go Towards Building Schools

MMI’s main objective is to offer a better future for our children. We will invest our profits in building schools worldwide. We will first start in the United Kingdom. These schools will have the highest qualified teachers receiving the right amount of money to guide our children to a better future.

MMI is Not a Charity

MMI is strictly not a charity. We strictly do not accept donations. We will invest in projects(like MMI Clothing) and make profits. 50% of those profits will go into infrastructures, which in this case is schools, to help support our children’s futures.